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Mustard Seed Communities (MSC)

Madie was passionate and committed to helping others.  She was drawn to Mustard Seed Communities (MSC), an international organization which helps the underserved and disabled in some of the poorest areas of the world.  Madie was honored to participate in two mission trips to Jamaica sponsored by MSC through Church of the Presentation, her family’s parish.  

Madie loved the opportunity MSC provided.  She witnessed the value this organization gave to its participants - a sense of camaraderie and team, a sense of selfless service, a sense of leading others, and a sense of deeper personal faith in helping others in God's name.  

Madie loved putting thought into action and MSC enabled her to do so.  She appreciated the beauty in the human connection and recognized the value of giving a simple hug or a smile.  

This past Summer 2022, a member of Madie’s family, Christy, was inspired to look more into MSC and the trips Madie took. She reached out to MSC and arranged for herself to participate in a Mission trip to Jamaica with a team from Buffalo!  The inspiration Christy got from Madie became the driving force behind the first MN 2-gether Foundation sponsored Mustard Seed trip.   It was the ripple that will now continue as an Annual Mission Trip with MN 2-gether to a Mustard Seed Community every summer. The week for 2024 is TBD.  We have room for 18 participants. If you are 18 or older, and interested in participating, or just want to hear more about the trip, please (click here) to give your name and contact information.

To learn more about Mustard Seed Communities, please visit