MN2-Gether Foundation


2MN FieldThe Madie Nicpon 2-Gether Foundation was established in memory of our daughter, Madie Nicpon. Madie passed away suddenly on October 17, 2021 leaving her family and her community in a state of shock. The outpouring of support was overwhelming, generous and a testament to the person Madie was. The monetary gifts collected in her memory through the Go Fund Me site were the catalyst to start a charitable foundation in her name. This recognized 501 (c)(3) foundation was established to keep her spirit alive and to continue to help the causes for which she was so passionate.

Described by those who know her best as being “unapologetically herself”, Madie had mastered the art of appreciating the small things in life and being in the moment. Madie participated in two Mission trips with our Church of the Presentation’s Youth Ministry, Upper Saddle River, NJ. The Church has patrtnered with the Mustard Seed Organization and over the summers of 2018 and 2019, the group traveled to Jamaica. These trips altered Madie’s life and solidified her passion to help and work with children. Moreover, Madie was a nerve graft recipient due to a surgical complication during her wisdom teeth extraction in 2017. As unfortunate as the surgical outcome was, the life altering benefit she experienced from her nerve graft impacted her greatly. She was an advocate for Donate Life and nominated to ride on the Donate Life float in the Rose Bowl Parade of 2019. The mission of the Madie Nicpon 2-Gether Foundation is to continue Madie’s charitable endeavors, honor her love of connecting people, and celebrate her legacy of being life-altering.

Why rainbows?

The immediate time around Madie’s passing was a total upheaval of what we knew to be our daily lives. We had the unconditional support of our family and our community, but we were still in a state of shock. The night of her passing we were inundated with numerous texts and social media posts showing rainbows visible to those who knew her and loved her. In the ensuing days, it became obvious that she was using this rainbow platform to not only let us know she was still with us but to also keep those she loved connected. Coach Courtney, her Tufts lacrosse coach, said that it was no surprise a rainbow would be Madie’s sign, since she felt that Madie was the greatest connector of people she has ever known. In the weeks and months that have passed, we have marveled at the number of rainbows and other natural phenomena (moon bows, fog bows, the aptly named 22-degree halo (click here for picture) that people who loved Madie have sent us. She continues to connect us all. We hope that this foundation continues to connect people as we help others. Feel free to share the rainbows you see with us on the foundation's social media platforms. Madie continues to surprise us and amaze us and she is clearly on a mission to push this rainbow platform to the limit.

Why the number 2?

Honestly, not much thought was given to the number 2 before Madie’s passing. It was her jersey number for her High School Varsity Lacrosse team and she was able to secure it on the Tufts Women’s Lacrosse team. Her birthday is 12/22/2000 and she is our 2nd child. After her passing, the number 2 has become an interesting and recurring way that Madie makes herself known.

A particularly poignant #2 example happened on the day after Madie’s passing, when her family traveled home from Boston to Suffern. When they arrived at their home, a neighbor’s daughter at lacrosse practice on the HS fields behind the Nicpon’s house, caught a picture of a rainbow that ended over the trees behind their house. That alone was pretty amazing, but while planning Madie’s prayer card and using this picture of the rainbow, Chris zoomed in on the picture and saw that on the other end of the rainbow, the sleeve of a sweatshirt had the number “2” on it! [click here for picture] It was Madie showing that she was home with her family.

Another memorable interaction with the number 2 happened as we were taking Madie’s younger brother back to Virginia Tech after her funeral. It was an emotional and sad time for all of us and Mikey was hesitant to return to school in the aftermath of Madie’s passing. We stopped in Roanoke, Va to have lunch and Mikey was feeling like he couldn’t possibly go back to school under these circumstances. Right at that moment, as we embraced and looked up, we saw a picture drawn on the side of a random building showing a rainbow going to a pot of gold with the number 2 in the center. [click here for picture] It was Madie kicking Mikey in the butt to get back to school. She will always be there to guide him. Mikey’s realization was, “What the $#&!, I guess she really wants me to go back to college.” And true to Madie’s spirit, we laughed.

Lastly, on a day this past February 2022, Chris made his regular appointment to donate blood. Kathy decided to go as well. It didn’t occur to us until that evening when everyone was texting us, that they were celebrating Madie and her special day of 2s; it was Tue(2)sday 2/22/22. The idea of sponsoring a living donor day with Blood Donation in Madie’s honor on 2/22 was born.